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Every client of ours could buy or order a mobile house to be constructed. You will find on our website sample models which do not limit your choice. In case of a serious intent on your behalf in such a purchase, we can develop for you a detailed design which illustrates your vision of a mobile house and to plan its construction.


Practically, we have unlimited possibilities. We can also design an energy-independent ecologically friendly house which would combine all the tiny extras and comforts of our own home. The architects we work together with are very creative and are capable of realizing any idea of yours.


The price of each product is individual. If you are interested, we would be pleased to meet you in person and discuss any financial and other information regarding each of the models on our website, or any other customized model.


Precise and exact price can be provided upon the final completion of the design only and following detailed inventory of the equipment, materials and length of the trailer.