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Please, read carefully the terms and conditions set forth below, before using this site. By visiting and browsing the website and ordering products, User hereby undertakes to respect these General Terms and Conditions (GTC). GTCs are mandatory for all Users.

These General Terms and Conditions shall regulate the relationship between Compact House Design Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as or the Site) on the one hand and the Users of electronic (Internet) pages and services hosted by the domain and its subdomains (hereinafter referred to as the Site), as well as the relation with the said Users when they use the information and commercial services offered by Compact House Design Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Services).


Compact House Design Ltd. is a company registered under the Commerce Code of the Republic of Bulgaria with seat and registered office at the city of Sofia Vitosha Region Simeonovo Residential Area 196, Ring Road.

Compact House Design Ltd. is owner of the Internet page which is an online platform for mobile house rentals.

‘User’ shall be any person or entity, who visits the site and agrees to these GTCs. Should the User not agree with the GTCs, they shall have no right to use the site.


The User undertakes and agrees that the information materials and the Site shall be provided ‘as is’ and that the Site assumes no responsibility regarding the timeliness, deletion or impossibility to provide information about completed orders of the User, of User’s or of any other Users’ opinion and assessment feedback on products, information about unavailable products, and about damage sustained, loss of profit and other injuries, having occurred following, as a result of or because of the use of the Site. Should any damage occur after the use of this Site which requires repair or handle of equipment or information, User shall bear all the responsibility and all the costs for remedying the damage.

All information materials on shall fall within the scope of the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act and any misuse whatsoever shall be liable to punishment. Copying, publishing and distributing of the published materials for commercial or public purposes shall be strictly forbidden. Uploading materials in any form from this Site to any other site shall be prohibited. If any third party is willing to upload part of the information materials hosted herein, this shall be subject to an explicit prior approval on behalf of the Compact House Design Ltd.’s management. Any other form of action shall be illegal and shall be treated as such.

All goods published on are quoted with prices in BGN, VAT inclusive for the Bulgarian version of the site and in EUR, VAT inclusive for the English version of the site.

Compact House Design Ltd. assumes no responsibility if the information posted by the manufacturers of the goods with respect to technical specifications is not correct. Compact House Design Ltd. shall not be held responsible for any information that is not up-to-date. Some of the published products may be currently unavailable. Please, contact the consultants of Compact House Design Ltd. at the specified telephone numbers for information about up-to-date information and availability of products. Compact House Design Ltd. retains its right to make changes from time to time and without prior notice in the posted materials, services, products, the software and the functionalities of the website.


Please, read our General Terms and Conditions for renting and using the products offered, before booking. The GTCs are contractual and are binding upon both parties. The owner of the site (LANDLORD) and the Site User (LESSEE) shall have the following rights and obligations with respect to the mobile house lease and rental.


  1. The LANDLORD shall provide the Lessee a tourist site, i.e. a mobile house in the form and in the quality described and signed in an Acceptance Certificate in two original copies, for each of the parties containing detailed description of the property, the form, the state and all specifics (if any) which shall constitute an integral part thereof.
  2. The LANDLORD shall ensure access to the Mobile House on the dates booked in the site calendar. The LANDLORD shall inform the LESSEE of all details and regulations for the use of the devices and system within the mobile house (air conditioning, waste water system, etc.)
  3. The LANDLORD shall inform the LESSEE about the rules of the camping site or the specific location of the mobile house.
  4. The LANDLORD must assure themselves either alone or through an empowered person of the complete functioning of all devices and systems (air conditioning, waste water system) as well as of the immaculate cleanliness before accommodation with respect to providing comfortable stay and trouble-free vacation of the Lessee.
  5. The LANDLORD shall maintain the mobile house at the level and standard as described in the Acceptance Certificate and shall require from the LESSEE adequate and due running of the mobile house during their stay.



  1. The LESSEE shall use the mobile house rented according to its intended purpose with no right to relet it to third parties and within the period set forth in the agreement signed in the booking made by the LESSEE in the Site’s calendar.
  2. The LESSEE shall read carefully the Acceptance Certificate provided by the LANDLORD, shall inspect it themselves and sign the document. Should there be any disputes and discrepancies with respect to the Acceptance Certificate and the regulations, devices and state of the site specified therein, the LESSEE shall immediately communicate them to the LANDLORD in person or to any representative of them, until settling down the matter of dispute.
  3. The LESSEE shall:


  1. The LESSEE shall be directly and personally responsible for all devices and for the entire equipment described in the Acceptance Certificate.
  2. Any damage caused by the LESSEE resulting from misuse of the mobile house shall be at the LESSEE’S whole expense and shall be calculated as treble damages.


  1. Prices on the website are quoted in Bulgarian Levs (BGN) and include 9% VAT, tourist tax and insurance. The total amount due by the client under the relevant booking is automatically calculated depending on the number of days of stay and on the applicable price offer for the respective period.

The reservation made and paid through the online booking portal is 100% GUARANTEED with an advance payment.

Please, have in mind that bookings are not considered guaranteed unless 100% paid in advance and, therefore, you will not be accommodated.

Compact House Design Ltd. reserves their right to amend the prices and the special offers in their website. The amount due shall not be changed when a booking is done, confirmed and paid, irrespective of the new price offers presented.

  1. A booking is paid online on the website.

You may pay by a credit or a debit card. Payment is made electronically with the debit or the credit card by means of the Virtual POS Terminal. We accept payments with VISA, Visa Electron, V Pay, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic or Maestro cards.


Selecting this mode of payment you can build up your booking alone and control the payment process thereunder in the online booking portal of the website.

As soon as you generate and confirm your booking, and proceed to its payment, the BORICA payment gateway is loaded. The payment screen is located in BORICA’S 3D Secure environment ensuring full protection of data entered by the client. In this screen the client shall enter the details of his or her card – the card type, number, validity and the CVV2/CVC2 code. If you use cards requiring additional 3D authentication, where you have been registered in the Verified by VISA or MasterCard Secure Code authentication, then the authentication page of the card issuing bank is loaded. You need to enter your authentication password there.

To use your debit card to make online payments, you have to activate this service and to obtain a secret code which is used in the online payments. You can activate it with every ATM within the BORICA network.

Follow these steps to activate the service and to obtain your secure code:

Step 1:  Place your debit card in the ATM. Select ‘Other Services’.

Step 2: Select the ‘Payment via Internet’ option from the ATM menu.

Step 3: Select the ‘BORICA Secure Code’ option from the ATM menu

Step 4. The ATM displays a message about your successful Secure Code generation.

You will find your secure code necessary to accomplish the online payment with your debit card on the receipt printed.

N.B! In no time either when generating your booking, during or after payment, does the Trader have any access to the cardholder’s card details!

Upon successful transaction a transaction slip shall be visualized on your display which you need to print and keep safe with you.

During the online booking the quoted fees will be automatically withdrawn from your card upon completion of the payment process.

Other modes of payment:

Upon successful payment of the generated booking cost, you will receive a confirmation, together with the number and the details of your guaranteed booking.


Please, should you find any difficulty in booking or paying via the online reservation portal, do not hesitate to contact our team at: +359 893 185612; +359 887 079708


Your personal details are protected pursuant to the Bulgarian legislation and shall be used solely by the booking department of Compact House Design Ltd.


Providing you need to cancel or change a booking which has already been paid by you online, Compact House Design Ltd shall recover the amount paid for the unused booking but shall charge the following penalties depending on the accommodation dates referred to in the booking and the cancellation period.

Should cancellation of or changes to a booking made be necessary for events of force majeure, the LESSEE shall produce the relevant supporting documents and evidence in testimony whereof. Refund of the sums paid shall be subject to Compact House Design Ltd.’s sole discretion.

Refund of sums paid under services agreed upon and rendered by Compact House Design Ltd shall be made via card transaction to the card by means of which the booking payment has been effected. Refunding of sums shall be made within 30 days as of the cancellation date.


In order to cancel your booking properly and within the provided period as specified above you need to fill in a free form Declaration stating you full names, card details and reason for cancelling the booking (optional).

It is mandatory to contact us at the below telephone numbers and e-mail address (must-do):

Contact telephone numbers – +359 893 485612; +359 887 079708

To e-mail us you may use the contact form below

Please, beware that if you do not respect the above, the cancellation of your booking shall not be valid.

IMPORTANT! – Should you not agree to our General and Specific Terms and Conditions which we have kindly submitted to your attention, you will not be able to perform your booking. Signing and agreeing to these, you will be held directly and personally liable.